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About Guys and Dates
JDS, SFC (Philippines)

I was having dinner one evening with some friends who knew me before I joined a renewal community. As we swapped stories and updated each other about our present states in life, I told them about my newfound life in Singles for Christ. One sarcastically commented that my only reason for joining SFC must be to find cute guys and date them.

Instead of answering back, which was how I used to deal with such remarks, I decided to keep quiet and simply smiled at him. My other friends were the ones who put him in his place by saying I was in far better "company" than any of them that night. He sheepishly mumbled an apology and decided to turn pleasant without making any more comments the rest of the evening.

Persecutions come in different forms Ė from death to even just sarcastic comments regarding our religion and faith. However, as the Gospel today shows us, we can turn this into an opportunity to witness for God. We donít even need to worry about what to say because God will provide us with the best defense.