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In Bits and Pieces
JBR, CFC Illinois

God has shown me His love... oh yes, countless and in a varied number of ways.  But when I look back at all these, I realize that it's not the "big things" that matter - though they certainly are much appreciated. Rather, it's the little things  that matter most.

Meeting an appointment on time despite the traffic... getting the car past knee-deep flood... meeting a job deadline... healing a sick wife/daughter/son... protecting my wife's commute late at night from overtime...guiding the kids in their exams... finding my way in a far too unfamiliar neighborhood... getting some unexpected cash when the budget's tight... finding a lost personal property... a safe plane trip... a safe cross-country road trip... finding an appropriate gift... getting rid of a bad habit... even improving the relationship with my mother-in-law! The list goes on and on... small, little bits and pieces of blessings.

I see this as God's own little way of reminding me that He's always there - mindful and in control of our lives up to the minutest detail. This I believe sets us in CFC apart from other persons who often fail to see God's goodness around them. Like a dutiful gardener watering his plants regularly, God sprinkles us with His love and blessings daily - especially when He knows that we are grateful and appreciate these.

Prayers of course help. But when we make it a habit to recognize and appreciate all the smaller blessings, we see the Great Gardener water His plants in spite of prayer lapses on our part. What a truly good God He is!