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JEMS, CFC (Philippines)

For many years, I was blind, believing that happiness was related to the amount of money one earned, his status in life, his success at looking after number one. Sadly, this illusion has become so important in the world that it has corrupted peopleís hearts and minds. Poverty is experienced not only in the physical sense but, worse, also in the spiritual. People are deprived of the true happiness that comes from experiencing the love of God.

It was through the grace of our Lord that I met a beautiful child of God who, through prayers and persistence, led me to Christ. Now, three and a half years later, no longer am I blind. Jesus has allowed me to see and experience the great love He has for me.

And thatís not all. Today, Iím blest to be a part of the great work of evangelization throughout the world. As I work towards restoring peopleís dignity and self-worth, I stand with the Lord, part of His army that liberates His people form the chain of sin in order to share with them the love of God