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Couples for Christ (CFC) Chicago had humble beginnings the first weekend of May, 1994.

A week earlier, Joe and Susie Tigtig had been calling their friends and some acquaintances they had met at the Chicago Charismatic Conference at Bismarck Hotel in Chicago.  The call was in regard to some kind of weekend seminar for couples that Lito Urgino would be conducting at the cafeteria of the now defunct Weber High School at Lockwood St. in Chicago.  Since Lito Urgino had previously visited Chicago to give a one-day recollection and personal testimony, he was not a total stranger to Joe's and Susie's friends.

There were approximately fifteen couples, and a few women who attended what turned out to be the first Christian Life Program (CLP) in Chicago.  It was a fast track offering that started Friday night, covered all day and evening Saturday and part of Sunday.  Ado Paglinawan flew in from Virginia to help Lito with the talks and Edith Urgino helped in facilitating the women's group.  At the end of the CLP on Sunday afternoon, twelve couples and one female single responded to the invitation to dedicate as members in the CFC community.

Out of that group, two CFC households were formed.  Although the group of twelve couples and one female single didn't fully comprehend what they had gotten into and had many doubts and reservations, the Holy Spirit had other big plans.  And so from those humble beginnings, the Chicago CFC community has today grown to five (5) chapters of almost 300 Couples, two (2) chapters of about 200 Handmaids of the Lord, 40 Servants of the Lord, about 200 Singles, over 300 Youth, and about 100 Kids.  Besides growing in numbers within Chicago and suburbs, the CFC Chicago community has gone on mission to help establish CFC roots in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Jamaica.  God be praised!

(Article contributed by Bro. Manny and Sis. Margie Hermano)


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CFC in Chicago, IL established 1994

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