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Below is a list of leaders serving the CFC Chicago pastoral area...

Area Head / Cluster Head
Bro. Esok Adraneda -  email here

Chapter Heads
Bro. Gerrie Mempin (Southwest Suburbs) - email here
Bro. Norman Cañete (North Chicago & North Suburbs) - email here
Bro. Manny Hermano (West Suburbs) - email here
Bro. Ray Manaloto (Chicago) - email here
Bro. Remy Ramos (Norhtwest Suburbs) - email here

Mission Country Coordinators for Jamaica
Bro. Manny and Sis. Margie Hermano - email here

Mission Area Coordinator for Michigan
Bro. Ex and Sis. Gladys Funtera  - email here

Mission Area Coordinator for Minnesota
Bro. Norman and Sis. Zelda Cañete  - email here

Mission Area Coordinator for Wisconsin
Bro. Remy and Sis. Minda Ramos  - email here

Mission Area Household Heads
Bro. Cesar Azcueta (Wisconsin) - c/o Cluster Head
Bro. Danny Sardon (Indiana) - c/o Cluster Head



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