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What is Couples for Christ?

Couples for Christ (CFC) is a movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life. It is an
association of Christian men and women who have committed themselves to the Lord and to one another, so that they may grow into maturity as sons and daughters of God, and fulfill their primary vocation of raising up their families
under the lordship of Jesus Christ and for the service of the Kingdom of God.

Couples for Christ is a work of Christ which raises up Christian couples and single men and women and establishes
Christian families committed to the work of evangelization, and winning the world for Christ through the power of the
Holy Spirit.

The CFC began in Metro Manila, Philippines in 1981 and is now present in the way of life of people of different nationalities in ninety six (96) countries, as of December 2000. It grows mainly through the establishment of localized units in different parishes throughout the world.


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Couples for Christ is a registered non-profit organization. 1981-2002
CFC in Chicago, IL established 1994

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